Racial Discrimination is an Active Factor within Missouri's Justice System

An often overlooked, or ignored factor in our justice system is the fact that African Americans have less access to avenues of justice in this country. This is true of the state of Missouri, as well, where juries are more often all white than not, and where punishment comes more harshly for people of color than for the privileged.

A comprehensive study in the state of North Carolina reveals prejudices and discrimination within the justice system that resemble similar problems in the state of Missouri.

U.S. Supreme Court Stays Execution of Ernest Lee Johnson


The Supreme Court granted a stay while the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals considers whether his complaint was properly dismissed. It wasn’t immediately clear how quickly the appeals court might rule.  Johnson, 55, had been scheduled to die at 6 p.m. at the Missouri state prison in Bonne Terre.

A second appeal, to the Missouri Supreme Court, claims Johnson’s life should be spared because he is mentally disabled.

The Missouri Attorney General’s Office says both claims are without merit.